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Karting Nottingham

With a prime position in the Midlands, is there any wonder why millions of people pass through Nottingham each year? After all, it is the world famous home of Robin Hood. But why would you want to look at classic landmarks when you could be having an adventure of your own? Well, you’re in luck- Karting Nation has a plethora of heart pounding circuits just moments away from the heart of the city.

Just moments away from the city centre, you can find our awesome Haywood Oaks location. A stunning outdoor thrill ride, you can’t call yourself a true karter until you’ve taken on this exhilarating challenge. When petrol heads imagine bends, hairpins and straights, they usually imagine them being like the ones we have on our track; utterly intense and completely exciting. You know you’re in for a high octane adventure when you race here.

We don’t just cater for your outdoor karting needs. There are plenty of reasons why you should take the trip over to Langer for one of the Midlands’ best indoor thrill rides. It is the only track near Nottingham that can boast epic flyovers, as well as a sweeping underpass; you don’t get action like this just anywhere.

Crossing the border to Leicestershire, roughly 15 minutes away, you’ll be able to ride at one of the UK’s oldest race circuits. Our Melton Mowbry outdoor site has played a part in transforming wannabe road warriors into F1 style speed demons for years- and you will definitely be unleashing your inner racing beast when you take to the track here. This 550m circuit doesn’t take any prisoners and neither should you.

But if none of this is intense enough, we are just under half an hour away from Leicester, where you’ll find the biggest outdoor track in the region and the fastest by a country mile. Strap yourself into one of our 390cc Pro Karts and blast yourself around the 950m circuit- with F1 style technology that can record your speed to 1/100th of a second, the heat is on to find the fastest racer out there.

The adventures you’ll be having at Karting Nation tracks near Nottingham are way beyond Robin Hood’s wildest dreams. Come and see what all the fuss is about for yourself- but prepared for the craziest thrill ride of your life.