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Karting kids are often our future champs in formula one driving, and all of them want to have fun.

Choose from a whopping 58 karting circuits and packages ranging from a fun run to a structured race format for the ultimate kids karting experience. For young karters nothing compares to sitting behind the wheel of a go kart waiting for the chequered flag to drop. What a great birthday party idea!

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Kids Karting in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

After speaking to one of the guys at Karting Nation I decided to book a karting experience for my sons 10th birthday party. Before booking I’d looked into loads of different activities but my son is a massive fan of Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1, so I knew he'd love the chance to try a karting experience with 4 of his friends.

When he found out he was going go karting he was even more excited than I'd imagined and he genuinely couldn't wait. Luckily his birthday party was just over a week away and it soon came around.

After meeting his friends at the track on the day it was straight down to action and whilst I signed the boys in they got changed into their race-suits. Before they were let loose on the track though they had to complete a short briefing which covered all the safety aspects of karting, as well as a run through of what the different coloured flags meant.

Once the briefing was over the boys put their helmets on and climbed into the karts, and after the marshal had completed the final safety checks they headed out on a couple of warm up laps. Because this was they boys' first karting experience the warm up laps really helped them get used to the karts and the track, so when it came to racing they knew exactly what to expect.

The race they were taking in part in was a sort of time trial, so rather than being a straight forward race to the finish line the final results were based on lap times, which the kids got a print out of at the end of the race. The time trial race format made things a lot fairer and you could see the boys growing in confidence as they completed more and more laps.

The race turned out to be really tight with only a couple of seconds separating them, and because it was so close the marshals let them share the podium, which they absolutely loved. It's safe to say the birthday boy had a truly unforgettable birthday party, and something tells me this definitely won't be the last karting experience I book.