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Karting Blackpool

If you visit Blackpool, chances are you’re either going to rush to the beach, climb the tower or head to the roller coasters. These are all iconic locations at the seaside town, but there is no denying they are full of tourists. The real star attractions at Blackpool are hidden away from view, waiting to be discovered- Karting Nation’s awesome locations across the town and beyond.

Well, we say hidden from view. Our Blackpool track is one of the most unique outdoor karting circuits in the UK due to its location; you can find it directly on the seafront, with the waves splashing against the side of the venue as you race around. The 750m track also boasts some of the fastest karts in Lancashire, so prepare yourself for full throttle auto warfare. When you ride here it is going to be adrenaline soaked and completely unforgettable.

Less than half an hour away from Blackpool, you can find our Ormskirk circuit. One of the longest indoor tracks you’ll find anywhere in the North, it stretches to a jaw dropping 600m, with karts that can accelerate at speeds of up to 40mph in seconds. If you are looking for the perfect site for competitive racing, look no further.

If you want to travel further afield in Lancashire, we are just over half an hour away from Colne. Another awesome indoor track just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Blackpool, this is the intense circuit designed to give even the most professional karters sleepless nights. If you think you can handle some of the most hair raising hairpins and tight corners on any track in the region, then we can’t wait for you get here and show us what you’re made of.

Don’t rush to see the sights in Blackpool, come discover the thrill rides that lie just moments away from the main attractions. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you ride at a Karting Nation venue, so climb on board!