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Karting St Albans

One of the most beautiful towns in the South, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit St. Albans. Lots of people think it is a boring town- we think it is home to a whole world of high octane adventure. Here at Karting Nation, we don’t want you to visit the centre of town: we want you to see our epic circuits that are just a short drive away. Did you really think we’d want you to visit a boring town centre when all these awesome thrills are within reach?

Closest to St Albans is our Hoddesdon site, which is without a doubt one of the longest and fastest circuits in the country. This track clocks in at a whopping 1050 metres, making us one of the few UK sites to boast about having a track that stretches out for a whole kilometre. That isn’t everything, as you’ll be riding in our 320cc Biz GP2 Evo engines, which can accelerate at speeds of up to 65mph in seconds. Far faster than your average kart, it helps make riding with us one of Britain’s best high speed experiences.

The Hertfordshire region is also home to one of the UK’s longest indoor karting circuits too. Our Letchworth site offers 700 metres of unrivalled thrills, that is guaranteed to unleash your inner F1 champion from the moment you get on the driver’s seat. With plenty of tight hairpins and bends along the circuit, as well as some of the fastest speeds on any indoor track, this is going to be one intense ride. But we guarantee that you’ll love every single minute of it.

If you just want a short, sharp action dose, look no further than our premier track in Aylesbury. Clocking in at 360 metres, it may not be one of Britain’s longest circuits, but that doesn’t mean it fails to pack a punch. Your wildest dreams couldn’t handle the amount of heart racing hairpin bends and straights you’ll be zooming across- here, we get straight to the point and connect you straight to karting’s most intense thrills.

Forget spending time in St Albans, head straight to these stellar locations. Book with Karting Nation now to make sure your place on the starting line is secured.