Mexican Grand Prix Preview

October 26th, 2018

With Lewis Hamilton on the brink of claiming his fifth Drivers’ Championship to date, we here at Karting Nation are taking a look at this season’s Mexican Grand Prix. With Hamilton set to equal Argentine legend Juan Manuel Fangio’s championship record, he leads the 2018 driver standings with a total of 346 points. His German rival, Sebastian Vettel, lies behind him in second place – 70 points behind.

With three races left including this one, a win for the German driver in Mexico this weekend will mean that Hamilton will require just a seventh placed finish to be crowned world champion. If Vettel fails to win at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez this weekend, then Hamilton will be crowned champion regardless of where he ends up. So, read on as Karting Nation takes you through our preview for the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.

What Time Does The 2018 Mexican Grand Prix Start?

UK F1 fans will be pleased to hear that the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix will start at 19:10 GMT on Sunday 28th October, so you’ll be able to finish off your weekend with some Mexican GP action!

If you are, like us, always after an additional hit of racing action over the course of the weekend, then you’ll be able to tune in to the qualifying race which takes place on Saturday 27th October at 19:00 GMT. You’ll even be able to catch the practice rounds which begin today at 16:00 GMT, with practice 2 starting at 20:00 GMT later today and finally, practice 3 at 16:00 GMT on Saturday 27th October.

History of the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prix is a fairly new race, having been introduced to the F1 calendar in 1962. Since then, it has been a fairly intermittent fixture on the calendar, having been held as a championship event in 1963-1970 and again in 1986-1992. The Grand Prix then returned in 2015 at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. The event has been held a total of 19 times over the years at two different locations, the other track being the Magdalena Mixhuca circuit in Mexico City.


After the latest absence between 1993 and 2014, Bernie Ecclestone announced that he had signed a 5-year deal for the Hermanos Rodríguez track to host the Mexican Grand Prix. This was after a substantial refurbishment and modernisation of the track and facilities in order to bring it up to current F1 working standards. Like many other tracks, German engineer Hermann Tilke was hired to spruce things up for the return to Mexico in 2015. And spruce things up he did – turbo F1 cars managed to reach top speeds in excess of 230mph down the main straight. A quick track indeed.

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Grand Prix Circuit is 4.3km (2.7 mi) in length, and the race has a grand total of 71 laps. With 110,000 capacity inside the track, there’s guaranteed to be a world class atmosphere when the lights turn green on Sunday.

Over the years, Lotus are the constructor to have had the most wins with four. Behind them, trail McLaren and Williams with three wins a piece and Ferrari and Mercedes with two wins each. These standings could all change this weekend, of course. In terms of individual drivers, British legend Jim Clark leads the way with a total of two wins in 1963 and 1967. Since then, Nigel Mansell and French legend Alain Prost have both managed to win two times each throughout their F1 careers.


Who Won The 2017 Mexican Grand Prix?

Last year in Mexico City, Sebastian Vettel was quickest in the qualifying rounds, as he started the race in pole position. However, the German driver was unable to hold on to win the race, as Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished the race in first place on the winner’s podium with a time of 1:36:26.552. Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas finished in second +19.678 seconds behind, with fellow Finn Kimi Räikkönen coming in third with a time of +54.007.

With Lewis Hamilton coming in ninth place and Sebastian Vettel in fourth place, it meant that Hamilton was crowned with the World Championship for the forth time in his career. With a similar situation bound to arise this weekend, can he make it five?

Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 Mexican Grand Prix?

The only two drivers to have won the Mexican Grand Prix from the current crop of drivers are Red Bull’s Max Verstappen (in 2017) and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton (in 2016). If it’s likely to be duel for top spot on the podium, it might well be between these two drivers. However, Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen could also be fighting for first place, as he managed to come in third in last year’s race.

When constructors are concerned, it’s McLaren and Williams who have the most wins at this event. It’s common knowledge that these teams really aren’t what they used to be, and it’s very unlikely that these two teams will be remotely close to the podium come Sunday.


With Hamilton on top form and with the championship as his motivation, he could well storm to victory in Mexico this weekend. Similarly, this could motivate German Sebastian Vettel, who – if he wins – has the very slight chance of catching the British driver up. But, is it all too little, too late?

Final Thoughts

So, that concludes our 2018 Mexican Grand Prix preview for this season. This important race could potentially be a championship-deciding one, so don’t forget that you can catch the race live from Mexico City this Sunday 28th October from 19:10 GMT.


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United States Grand Prix Preview

October 19th, 2018

The most recent race in the F1 calendar saw Lewis Hamilton all but confirm his fifth World Drivers’ Championship in his career. The British driver made his mark at Suzuka in Japan a few weeks ago, as he crossed the line in first place ahead of his fellow teammate Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

The W for Hamilton and the sixth place finish for Driver’s Championship rival Sebastian Vettel meant that Lewis Hamilton extended his lead at the top of the standings to 331 points – 67 points in total ahead of his German rival, Vettel.

Alas, the show must go on as we look towards the next race on the F1 calendar – the United States Grand Prix. With only four races left – including this one – there are still some serious points up for grabs, so read on as Karting Nation previews the 2018 United States Grand Prix which takes place this Sunday, 21st October.

What Time Does The 2018 United States Grand Prix Start?

F1 fans here in the UK will be very pleased to hear that the 2018 US Grand Prix will take place at 19:10 BST on Sunday, 21st October, so you’ll be able to kick back, relax and end your weekend with some pulsating F1 action!

If you’re after an additional hit of racing over the course of your weekend, then you can always tune in to catch the practice and subsequent qualifying rounds. Practice 1 kicks off at 16:00 BST on Friday 19th October, with Practice 2 commencing at 20:00 BST that same day. On Saturday 20th October, Practice 3 starts at 19:00 BST, with the main qualifying round kicking off at 21:00 BST to determine the grid for the main event the following day.

History of the United States Grand Prix

The US Grand Prix was first introduced on the F1 calendar in 1908. Since then, it’s been in and out of the regular schedule and has been held a total of 47 times, taking place at 10 different tracks across the country. Since 2012, the race has been held at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Elroy, Texas – 12 miles south of Austin. Prior to that, the race has been held at Indianapolis, Phoenix, Watkins Glen, Riverside, Sebring, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Milwaukee and Savannah.


The United States Grand Prix is the longest-running event on the calendar which is held outside of Europe – so it’s safe to say that it holds a legacy of its own in its own right. Despite being held at a number of different tracks, its introduction to Austin, Texas has made the biggest impact in America so far. Because of Austin’s culture and friendly reputation, race organisers have been praised from people from all corners of F1.

Like all great F1 tracks, the COTA is a purpose-built track designed by legendary architect and track designer, Hermann Tilke. The German track designer borrowed elements from other great circuits such as Silverstone, Suzuka and Hockenheim to create a blockbuster of a track which is known for its wide turns and overtaking capabilities. Everything’s bigger in America, right?

COTA’s grand prix circuit is 5.5km (3.3 mi) in length, with a grand total of 56 laps. This takes the overall race length to 308.4 km (191.6 mi). Couple this epic race with its 120,000 capacity, you’re guaranteed to get a world class atmosphere at the Circuit of the Americas!


In terms of the most successful drivers in the United States Grand Prix, it’s Lewis Hamilton who claims bragging rights. The Mercedes driver is currently on six wins – four of these have been consecutively since 2014! Can he make it five? Legendary German driver Michael Schumacher is in a close second with a total of five wins overall at this event.

Who Won The 2017 United States Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton started the 2017 United States Grand Prix in pole position as he was the quickest in the qualifying rounds. The Mercedes driver managed to hold onto his position up top and storm to victory with a time of 1:33.50.991.

A red wave followed the Brit over the finishing line in second and third places, as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen finished the race with times of +10.143 and +15.779.

Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 United States Grand Prix?

In recent years, Mercedes – through Lewis Hamilton – have been very successful in the United States Grand Prix. As previously mentioned, the British driver has managed to win every race since 2014. But, surprisingly, Mercedes aren’t the most successful team at this event. In fact, they’re the fourth most successful team when racing state-side with five wins in total.

Ferrari are the winners in that department, with a total of nine race wins – the majority of these wins can be credited to German driver Michael Schumacher. British teams Lotus and McLaren have both managed to win eight races each on American soil.


Given Lewis Hamilton’s fine recent form having won his last four races of the 2018 Formula 1 season, combined with his four consecutive wins on this track, it really would be a surprise to see anyone else claim the top spot on the podium come Sunday. Not to mention his six overall wins at this event! So, if he’s able to win on Sunday, that might just be it for good, as it would be monumental challenge for Sebastian Vettel to mount a comeback for the Championship.

If there was to be a slither of hope for the German driver, he has managed to win once in this event back in 2013. Despite this statistic, it might just be too much of an uphill task for Vettel to claim victory this weekend.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our 2018 United States Grand Prix preview! If you’re wanting to catch the action on the circuit this Sunday, don’t forget that it’s on a little later than usual with the main event starting at 19:10 BST on Sunday 21st October.

*All times are in UK time.


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Driving – Ten Things I Hate About You

October 10th, 2018

There’s nothing better than the feeling that comes along with passing your driving test and trading in your provisional for a fully fledged pink driving licence. You’re then left to your own devices, with no driving instructor by your side for when things go wrong. You just have to deal with it yourself, we’re afraid!

There’s no need to worry though, it will all come naturally with time. Soon enough, you’ll be well on your way to becoming confident behind the wheel. But sometimes, there’s just a few things which spoil the enjoyment of driving. This is usually thanks to a minority who fail to conform to the rules of the road (both official and unofficial), as well as a few other factors. So, read on as Karting Nation goes through our Top 10 pet peeves when it comes to driving.

Drivers Who Don’t Indicate

I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you were about to make a turn. Oh wait, it turns out I’m not actually a mind-reader! It really doesn’t take much to indicate – just a simple flick of the hand makes all the difference, and will stop someone ploughing into the back of your car too!

Driving At The Wrong Speed

There’s nothing worse than contending with a driver who has no concept of speed limits. They have them for a reason, you know! Whether it’s getting stuck behind a driver who fails to go over 20 in a 30 zone, or the driver who thinks it’s a good idea to tailgate you, it’s something that really puts your patience to the test!

De-Icing Your Car

As the winter months draw in, and cold, dark mornings turn into an unwanted reality, leaving the comfort of your warm bed is something that becomes all too much to bear. But, do you know what makes it worse? Having to de-ice your car! This is something that no driver looks forward to – especially as you have to get up even earlier than you usually would to beat the traffic, not to mention having to deal with numb fingers!


Costing British motorists a reported £2.8 billion each year, potholes are the bane of all drivers’ lives. No matter how often they are reported, they take weeks, months, or even years to get fixed – and that’s if we’re lucky!

Traffic Jams

Whether it’s on the dreaded commute to work or trying to get home after a long and tiring day, the last thing you want to come across is a traffic jam. Moving along at a snail’s pace and watching pedestrians move along faster than you is not something that you signed up for! Those never-ending roadworks don’t make things any better either!

Speed Bumps

Sure, these things are great in the grand scheme of things – they serve a purpose and that’s stopping people from speeding unnecessarily. But, these things are something you definitely don’t want to come across unexpectedly – especially when they’re less visible at night!

Not Giving A Thank You Wave

Obviously, this isn’t a requirement that’s stated within the highway code. But, when you let someone out at a junction and they fail to acknowledge you, it’s just downright rude! We didn’t have to commit such a kind act. So, a little show of appreciation is the least that you could do, right?!

Middle Lane Hoggers

When driving down the motorway, one of the biggest sources of frustration is when you come across drivers who simply won’t move out of the middle lane – forcing you to either over or undertake them. Everyone knows you should stick to the left lane unless you’re overtaking or the that particular lane is closed! Luckily, this has now been made illegal, so it hopefully won’t happen too much any more!

Drivers In Their Own Little World

Many drivers are guilty of singing along to their favourite song on the radio when they’re behind the wheel. But, when you’re stuck behind a driver who fails to go when the light turns green, is too engrossed with their sat nav, or doesn’t go at roundabouts when they have right of way, this is something which undeniably frustrates other drivers. Stop getting so distracted and pay attention please!

Drivers Who Use Their Phone At The Wheel

Not only is this downright dangerous, it’s also illegal too. Yet, even with a heavy penalty for when you get caught, people just can’t seem to let go of their phone even when behind the wheel. Just stick it in the glove compartment and get a hands-free kit. Is that so much to ask?!


Well, that concludes our Top 10 annoyances behind the wheel, folks! Do you think we’ve missed out your biggest pet peeve as a driver? If so, let us know in the comments section below or on Facebook!

Alternatively, you can vent your frustrations by pushing the pedal to the metal at any one of our epic circuits up and down the country. Some of the best racers in the business started out their career on the karting circuit, including the one, the only Lewis Hamilton – who just so happened to make a name for himself on the renowned Hoddesdon circuit in Hertfordshire! You can read more about the journey of professional racers in our Former Karters Who Reached F1 blog. Happy racing!

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Japanese Grand Prix Preview

October 4th, 2018

Last week’s Russian Grand Prix certainly ended in controversial fashion, that’s for sure! Despite Valtteri Bottas comfortably leading the race for some time, the Finnish racer was forced to make way for his teammate Lewis Hamilton under orders from his Mercedes team. With 30 laps of the race remaining, this seemed somewhat unfair for Bottas, particularly as it would have earned him a second win in as many races.

However, the two horse race between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel meant that Mercedes made the decision to prioritise a win for their star driver. In the process, Hamilton was able to extend his lead to 50 points in the Driver’s Championship.

Understandably, Bottas looked visibly disappointed with his team’s decision. So much so, that Lewis Hamilton didn’t celebrate his win on the podium. This was certainly a respectful thing to do considering he’d just claimed the race win at the expense of his teammate.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen celebrated his 21st birthday last week in Russia. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to finish on the podium. What a birthday present that would have been if he had claimed victory!

Ahead of the main event this Sunday, 7th October, Karting Nation will take a look at what’s in store as well as providing a brief overview of previous races in our full 2018 Japanese Grand Prix preview.

What Time Does The 2018 Japanese Grand Prix Start?

Unfortunately, it’s an early one this week, folks! This is due to Japan’s +8 hour time difference when compared to British Summer Time. So, if you’re hoping to catch the action on the circuit this weekend, you’re going to have to wave goodbye to your Sunday morning lie in and set that alarm clock early (boo!). The main event commences Sunday 7th October at 06:10 BST.

For those who want an extra dose of racing action, you can catch practice 1 on Friday 5th October at 02:00 BST, followed by practice 2 at 06:00 BST on the same day. Saturday 6th October sees practice 3 commencing at 04:00 BST, with qualifying taking place at 07:00 BST.

History of the Japanese Grand Prix

The Japanese Grand Prix is an event which was first held in 1963. Although, this was before it formed part of the Formula 1 calendar. The first two events were held in Suzuka in 1963 and 1964, and the events were won by British drivers Peter Warr and Michael Knight respectively. In the proceeding years, the Japanese Grand Prix was switched to the Fuji circuit. This included the first ever Formula 1 event in Japan which was held in 1976.

Between the years of 1978 and 1986, the Japanese Grand Prix was removed from the Formula 1 calendar altogether. But, the event has since taken place every year from 1987 onwards. After this point, the Japanese Grand Prix has switched between two different circuits – the aforementioned Fuji and Suzuka circuits.

However, with the exception of the 2007 and 2008 races, Suzuka has been the venue of choice for the Japanese Grand Prix. This doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon either, as an extension was announced which means the event will be held there until at least 2021.

Designed by track architect John Hugenholtz, the Suzuka International Racing Course is a circuit which measures up to 5.807 km (3.608 mi). As there are 53 laps in the event, this equates to a total race distance of 307.573 km (191.117 mi).

In terms of the most successful drivers in the Japanese Grand Prix, it’s the legendary Michael Schumacher who claims bragging rights. The former German racer claimed 6 wins in this particular event throughout his career. Only Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel come close to equalling or overtaking Schumacher’s record, with each of these drivers having claimed 4 wins each in their careers so far.

Who Won The 2017 Japanese Grand Prix?

Starting the 2017 Japanese Grand Prix in pole position was none other than Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver earned a time of 1:27.319 in qualifying and was able to hold onto this advantage to storm to victory.

In the process, he was able to finish top of the podium with a time of 1:27:31.194. Max Verstappen finished close behind for Red Bull-TAG Heuer with a time of +1.211, while his Australian teammate Daniel Ricciardo finished +9.679.

Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 Japanese Grand Prix?

In recent years, a hugely successful run of results for Mercedes in the Japanese Grand Prix event means that it wouldn’t be surprising for them to storm to victory once again this weekend. After all, they have won every race in this particular event since 2014. Lewis Hamilton was able to earn 3 of these victories, while the now retired Nico Rosberg won in his title-winning year of 2016.

Given Lewis Hamilton is now 50 points clear, we’re certain that he won’t want to let his lead at the top of the Driver’s Championship slip. As we’ve already mentioned, he has won 3 of the last 4 races in the Japanese Grand Prix. What’s more, he has also won his last three races of the 2018 Formula 1 season too. So, if he’s able to emerge victorious in this Sunday’s race, not only will he extend his winning streak, he might just widen the gap at the top too!

However, Sebastian Vettel has proven himself in this particular event before. The German was able to claim victory four times between 2009 and 2013, with only Jenson Button the only other winner between those years. In spite of this, each of Vettel’s race wins in the Japanese Grand Prix came with his former team Red Bull-Renault. His current team Ferrari have failed to win the event since 2003. So, it might just be an uphill task for Vettel to claim victory this weekend! But, stranger things have most definitely happened!

Meanwhile, Red Bull-TAG Heuer racers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo both finished on the podium last year. So, it would be foolish to rule either of them out as race winners!

Final Thoughts

That concludes our preview of the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix! If you’re willing to set your alarm early this Sunday, you’ll be able to catch all of the action on the circuit. We know it won’t be easy sacrificing your lie in, but we’re sure it will all be worth it! Remember, the main event starts Sunday 7th October at 06:10 BST.

*All times are in UK time.

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Stoke-on-Trent Karting Wins Venue of the Month!

September 28th, 2018

While the weather hasn’t been great recently, but Karting Nation certainly won’t let that stop us from getting our racing action fix – especially as many of our sites are indoor! Our network spreads throughout the UK and Ireland, so you really are spoilt for choice. The same goes for us here at Karting Nation, as each month we have to make a tough decision on who to choose for our venue of the month winner. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that the winners for September are none other than Stoke-on-Trent karting!

At this fantastic venue, you have an epic 350m circuit at your disposal – complete with high spec tarmac for an authentic racing experience. This fantastic site is an indoor venue too, so there’s no need to worry about the unpredictable British weather!

You’ll be getting behind the wheel of a state of the art kart at this epic circuit – giving you the chance to push that pedal to the metal and zoom past your rivals! But, you’ll also need to factor in the plethora of tight bends and exhilarating straights too. Master each of them, and you might just find yourself on the podium! No previous experience is required, and you’ll receive full tuition and equipment that is needed to take part. For that reason, there’s no need for you to worry if it’s your very first time on the circuit.

Stoke-on-Trent is the perfect venue for all the family, and recent visitors certainly seemed to agree. Here’s what they had to say about their overall experience:

“The afternoon out with my lads was awesome!”.

Anthony Harley-Jones – 8th Sept 2018

“Me and my two sons thoroughly enjoyed it”.

Mark Dutton – 4th Sept 2018

True racing fans certainly won’t feel out of place at our awesome Stoke-on-Trent venue. You’re guaranteed to feel like you’re in your very own F1 race from start to finish, and you’d be foolish to miss out on all of the action! To find out more information, you can visit the following link.

Russian Grand Prix Preview

September 27th, 2018

With just six races left in the 2018 F1 season, it really is all to play for in Russia this weekend as the two horse race between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel continues. Earlier this month in the Singapore Grand Prix, Hamilton was able to open up a 40 point advantage at the top of the Driver’s Championship – earning top spot on the podium to achieve exactly that.

However, with the 2018 racing season not too far from its end, Hamilton could yet let his lead slip. Ahead of this Sunday’s main event, read on as we here at Karting Nation go through everything you need to know in our 2018 Russian Grand Prix preview.

What Time Does The 2018 Russian Grand Prix Start?

The 2018 Russian Grand Prix takes place this Sunday, 30th September, with the main event in Sochi commencing at the reasonable time of 12.10 BST, or a local time of 14:10 when you take into account the two-hour time difference compared to the UK. So, you can rest assured you’ll be able to sleep off your Sunday morning hangover and still catch all of the action on the circuit!

History of the Russian Grand Prix

Held at the Sochi Autodrom, the Russian Grand Prix is an event which has formed part of the F1 calendar each year since 2014. This particular race takes place on a street circuit that was built around the Olympic Park in Sochi – the hosting venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2014 Winter Paralympics. Originally, the Russian Grand Prix had taken place in Saint Petersburg. This occurred twice in 1913 and 1914, after which the event didn’t take place for almost a century.

The Sochi Autodrom features a circuit which stretches out to 5.848 km (3.634 mi). Over the course of 53 laps, the race length measures up to 309.732 km (192.459 mi). This particular racetrack just so happens to have been designed by none other than Hermann Tilke – renowned for designing several F1 circuits over the years. It features a plethora of 90 degree bends as well as heart-racing straights. So, it certainly represents a true test to any F1 driver who takes it on!

The location of the Sochi Autodrom is pretty much perfect too. After all, it is based in one of Russia’s top beach resorts on the Black Sea! While the weather isn’t as great as the height of summer, you can still catch a few rays before the winter draws in. Bad luck though skiing fans – the ski season doesn’t kick into gear until December.

In terms of the most successful racers on this circuit, the limited history of this particular event means that each previous winner is still currently racing. This is with the exception of 2016 race winner Nico Rosberg, who announced his retirement ahead of the 2017 F1 racing season.

Lewis Hamilton is the most successful racer on this particular circuit – winning the event in its inaugural year of 2014, in addition to the following year in 2015. Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas was able to emerge the victor last time around.

Who Won The 2017 Russian Grand Prix?

Ferrari racer Sebastian Vettel started the 2017 Russian Grand Prix in pole position after he earned a time of 1:33.194 in qualifying. However, he failed to capitalise on his advantage, and instead had to settle for a second placed finish on the podium.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the driver who claimed victory in the 2017 Russian Grand Prix was Finnish racer Valtteri Bottas, who earned a time of 1:28:08.743. Second placed Vettel finished only marginally behind him – earning a time of +0.0617, followed by Vettel’s Finnish teammate Kimi Räikkönen with a time of +11.000.

Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 Russian Grand Prix?

Mercedes happens to be the only constructor to have won the Russian Grand Prix – even in the original events which took place in 1913 and 1914 respectively. Although, back then, they were known as Benz.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, and Nico Rosberg are amongst the previous winners of the Russian Grand Prix ever since the first edition back in 2014 – all previous or current racers for Mercedes. The latter has since retired, but either Hamilton or Bottas have the potential to claim victory in this weekend’s race. However, Hamilton has failed to win this particular event since his 2015 triumph. So, if he’s looking to increase his lead at the top of the Driver’s Championship, Hamilton will need to at least finish on the podium this weekend.

Despite Mercedes’ dominance in this particular event, it would be foolish to rule out Ferrari racers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen, who have both finished on the podium in the Russian Grand Prix before. With Vettel now 40 points behind in the driver’s standings, the last thing he’ll want to do is let Hamilton claim the bragging rights. So, anything really could happen!

What’s more, it just so happens to be Red Bull racer Max Verstappen’s 21st birthday this Sunday. What a fantastic birthday present that would be if he was to claim victory! Although, we’re not so sure his rivals on the circuit will go too easy on him…

Final Thoughts

Courtesy of Karting Nation, you’ve now found out everything you need to know about the Russian Grand Prix and what’s in store for you ahead of this Sunday’s main event. The F1 superstars never fail to deliver when it comes to awesome racing action. So, make sure you don’t miss out – we here at Karting Nation certainly won’t!

Don’t forget, the main race kicks off on Sunday, 30th September at 12:10 BST. For those who can’t wait until then, you can tune in and watch practice rounds 1 and 2 from Friday 28th September at 09:00 BST and 13:00 BST respectively. Practice round 3 kicks off on the 29th September at 10:00 BST, followed by qualifying which takes place on the same day at 13:00 BST.

*All times are in UK time.

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Ten Of The Best Karting Circuits Around The World!

September 25th, 2018

When it comes to all things racing, we here at Karting Nation can’t get enough. There really is nothing better than getting behind the wheel and pushing the pedal to the metal – especially if you’re able to claim the all-important top spot on the podium!

But, if you’re looking to get your fix of racing action away from home soil, then you can rest assured that we have you covered. So, read on as Karting Nation takes a look at the best karting venues around the world.

Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre, Australia


Stretching out to 1600m in total, the circuit at the Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre is often regarded as the fastest karting circuit in Australia. It is even the hosting venue for the ‘Race of Stars’ – a world-renowned annual racing event.

In total, there are four different racing configurations at this particular venue. This includes the ‘Xtreme’ full circuit at 1600m, the 1125m ‘Silverstone’ circuit, the 1110m ‘Nurburg’, and a 660m junior circuit named ‘Monte Carlo’.

There are plenty of karts at your disposal at this awesome location too – from the Sodi GT5 to ‘The Monster’, which can get you around the circuit in approximately one minute and ten seconds. What’s more, there’s even a dirt track available – perfect for getting your racing fix off-road!

KF1 Karting Circuit, Singapore


For true fans of karting, this is an absolute must visit venue. After all, the circuit was designed by renowned F1 track designer Hermann Tilke! Stretching out to 960m, the circuit features no less than 18 corners. So, even the most experienced racers will have their skills behind the wheel put to the ultimate test!

The KF1 karting circuit is also capable of converting into two separate track configurations too, meaning two racing events can occur at the same time. As well as this, the circuit just so happens to be the world’s first dual directional circuit! That’s not all though, the F1 inspired night lighting ensures that you’ll feel like you’re in your very own Grand Prix event – especially as you’ll get the chance to reach speeds of 110+ km/h!

Bahrain International Karting Circuit


With no less than 5 different track configurations, the Bahrain International Karting Circuit is undoubtedly one of the world’s best. The largest configuration is the 1440m CIK/FIA International Circuit – specially designed to put even the seasoned pros in their place!

There’s also the Club Track at the venue – stretching out to 1176m in total. A mixture of slow and fast corners in addition to gradient and level changes ensures you’ll be in for nothing less than the ultimate karting experience from start to finish. Finally, for the younger petrol heads, there’s the 298m Kids Track layout – suitable for those aged 7 and above. This particular track features six turns, and runs in a clockwise configuration.

For all ages and levels of ability, the awesome Bahrain International Karting Circuit is well worth a visit. McClaren driver Lando Norris even classes this venue is his favourite Karting circuit!

Dubai Autodrome


Featuring both indoor and outdoor circuits, the Dubai Autodrome is without a doubt the place to be for true fans of karting. The outdoor racetrack is amongst the most challenging karting circuits in the world. After all, there’s 17 corners, as well as a tunnel and a bridge! It is even regarded as the home of Karting in Dubai, as well as the only licensed track in the country for kart racing.

Elsewhere, the indoor racetrack stretches out to 620m and comes complete with an indoor laser tag game area and driving simulators. So, there really is something for all ages at this fantastic venue. What’s more, the Autodrome also hosts annual 12 and 24 hour racing challenges – hugely popular among petrol heads!

Mosport International, Canada


One of the only circuits in the world to have hosted racing events in Formula 1, IndyCar, and Can-Am, Mosport International is highly regarded in the world of racing. Their outdoor circuit stretches out to 1.5km in total. So, if it’s an authentic Karting experience you’re in search of, then you can rest assured that you’ll be in for exactly that!

12 corners and elevated surfaces ensure that those of all ages and ability levels will have their skills behind the wheel pushed to the absolute limit. 50Mph karts are the perfect vehicle to take on the racing challenges on this circuit too. But, the question remains – do you have what it takes to storm to victory?

Kart Kountry, USA


Located in Sheperdsville, Kentucky, Kart Kountry is home to the world’s longest karting circuit – stretching out to over a whopping 2.4km in total! Their fastest karts are even called Thunderbolts too – an appropriate name considering the circuit is known as Thunder Road! With that in mind, there’s really no debating that this is one of the world’s best circuits to race on for true Karting fans.

There’s something for the whole family to enjoy at this fantastic venue, as there’s an arcade, mini golf, and so much more! So, if it’s an action-packed day you’re in search of, that’s exactly what’s in store for you at Kart Kountry!

South Garda, Italy


Motorsport is undoubtedly something which the Italians take very seriously. After all, Italy is home to some of the world’s best car brands, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. South Garda is just one of the most famous locations for karting within the country, and has even hosted big names such as Lewis Hamilton in the past!

The annual winter cup takes place in January on this awesome site. But, at other times of the year, it’s the perfect place to get your fix of awesome racing action on the continent! The circuit stretches out to just less than 2km in total, and features a plethora of tight bends and exhilarating straights – designed to test beginners and seasoned pros alike!

Genk, Belgium


The racing prowess of Max Verstappen was discovered on this very circuit. So, who knows, you might just end up following in his footsteps if you strap yourself in and blast around the 1360m circuit that’s both technical and very fast all the same!

The fastest karts at this awesome venue are capable of reaching 70mph+ too. So, you most definitely won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to get in touch with your inner speed demon!

Fastimes – Indianapolis, Indiana


Based in the same location as the world-renowned Indy 500 racing event, Fastimes is an indoor karting venue which comes complete with a bi-level 900ft circuit. On this particular racetrack, you’ll get the chance to reach speeds of up to 40mph in a fun and competitive racing environment.

The circuit might not be the longest, but due to its location, you’d be foolish to not consider paying them a visit.

Monticello Karting, Florida


Voted as one of the top 10 coolest tracks in the world, Monticello Karting features a mile long circuit which comes complete with 19 turns – challenging even the most experienced racers. But, that’s not all – the track was even designed by Pablo Montoya, the father of Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya, who certainly knows a thing or two about racing!

The circuit can be run either clockwise or anti-clockwise, so it’s most definitely one of the best places for karting you’ll find anywhere in the US. What’s more, the circuit is a staggering 27 feet wide – offering you the perfect chance to push the pedal to the metal and zoom past your rivals!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it folks! If you’re in search of a thrilling karting experience, then you can’t go far wrong by visiting any one of our top 10 karting destinations around the world. But, if you’re looking to head to somewhere a little closer to home, then you can take a look at our main website and discover your closest venue. Please visit the following link to do exactly that.


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Singapore Grand Prix Preview

September 13th, 2018

We here at Karting Nation live and breathe all things racing, and the action on the F1 circuit is certainly no exception. After Lewis Hamilton stormed to victory in Italy last week, we can’t wait for the drivers to head to Singapore – delivering what is sure to be an action-packed event.

As things stand, Hamilton is enjoying a 30 point lead at the top of the Drivers Championship. However, his closest rival Sebastian Vettel has been hot on his tail throughout the season so far. So much so, it definitely looks like the race for the title will go down to the wire. It really could go either way, and it’s certainly too soon to say whether Hamilton will be able to retain his title.

Ahead of this weekend’s race at the Marina Bay circuit, Karting Nation looks at what to expect prior to the main event. So, read on and find out everything you need to know in our 2018 Singapore Grand Prix preview.

What Time Does The Singapore Grand Prix Start?

With a time difference of +7 hours when compared with BST, you might just think that you’d have to get up ridiculously early and miss out on your Sunday lie in. Thankfully, the main event kicks off at 13:10 BST this Sunday, 16th September. For those who can’t wait until then, you have the practice rounds and qualifying to look forward to. The first practice round commences at 09:30 BST on Friday 14th September, followed by practice round two at 13.30 BST. Practice three then begins at 11:00 BST on Saturday 15th September, with qualifying taking place at 14:00 BST on the same day.

History of the Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix takes place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit which is located in yep, you’ve guessed it, Marina Bay! Constructed at a cost of around $33 million, the racetrack was designed by renowned track architect Hermann Tilke – the designer of a whole host of F1 circuits over the years. The circuit itself measures up to 5.065 km (3.147 mi) which equates to a total race distance of 308.828 km (191.897 mi) over the course of 61 laps.


Prior to its introduction to the F1 calendar 10 years ago, the Singapore Grand Prix took place at Thomson Road, although this was in the Formula Libre racing format instead. This occurred between 1966 and 1973, before the event was discontinued between 1974 and 2007.

The particular event is most definitely one of the most eagerly anticipated races of the season, mostly down to the fact the race takes place at night. You might just think that this presents a safety concern for the racers, but hugely effective floodlighting ensures that visibility isn’t an issue.

The main concern for racers is the tropical climate. Even once the sun has set, cockpit temperatures can often reach 60 °C (140 °F) which can be hugely uncomfortable for racers. Other challenges includes the fact the surface of the track is bumpy due to it being a street circuit. As well as this, there are a total of 23 corners – the most of any circuit in the F1 calendar.

In terms of repeat winners of the Singapore Grand Prix, it’s Sebastian Vettel who comes out on top – with a total of 4 career victories on this particular circuit. His close rival Lewis Hamilton has been able to storm to victory a total of three times – tied with New Zealander Graeme Lawrence who is the most successful Formula Libre racer on the previous circuit at Thomson Road.

Who Won The 2017 Singapore Grand Prix?

In the last edition of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2017, German racer Sebastian Vettel was able to earn himself pole position. However, he was forced to retire from the race after his car sustained collision damage. Ultimately, this paved the way for Lewis Hamilton to storm to victory with a time of 2:03:23.544. Red Bull racer Daniel Ricciardo finished in second position with a time of +4.507, whereas Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas claimed the final spot on the podium with a time of +8.800.


Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 Singapore Grand Prix?

Given the back and forth between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in this year’s F1 season, either of them remain in contention to earn themselves a victory in this weekend’s race. Each of the two racers have proven themselves on this circuit before, although it was Lewis Hamilton who claimed bragging rights last time round.

In spite of this, Vettel will look to return to winning ways in this particular event. After all, he is currently the most successful racer on the Marina Bay circuit. If the German is able to storm to victory ahead of his rival Hamilton, then he might just be able to close the gap at the top of the driver’s championship once more. However, it might just be easier said than done, as three of Vettel’s Singapore wins came with his previous team Red Bull-Renault, and he has only won with Ferrari once at Marina Bay, that being back in 2015.

Fernando Alonso has also shown his worth in Singapore with wins in 2008 and 2010 respectively. However, he has only been able to accumulate 44 points so far this season, as his woes at the McLaren F1 team continue. The Spanish racer recently announced that he won’t be racing in F1 in the 2019 season. So, it would be very surprising indeed to see him finish on the podium.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve found out everything you need to know about the Singapore Grand Prix, all that’s left is to tune into the action from this Friday, 14th September. As we always say here at Karting Nation, it’s sure to be an eventful race, and we can’t wait for the action on the circuit to commence! Be sure to catch the main event this Sunday at 13:10 BST, and keep an eye out for our preview of the 2018 Russian Grand Prix which is due to take place on 30th September.

*All times are in UK time.

Leeds Karting Joins Karting Nation!

September 10th, 2018

Here at Karting Nation, there’s always plenty of awesome venues joining our ever growing network. Our fantastic new Leeds site is certainly no exception. So, let’s get right down to the details and tell you all about it!

Placed within quick striking distance of Leeds City Centre, there’s plenty of amazing places to visit once you’ve taken part in your Karting session – everything from Leeds Art Gallery to the Royal Armouries Museum! But, here at Karting Nation, we’re all about epic racing action, and it just so happens that’s exactly what you’ll get at our awesome indoor circuit in Leeds!

Featuring a 350m indoor circuit with no less than nine corners, you can expect nothing less than a true test of your skills behind the wheel. But, that doesn’t mean to say you need the racing prowess of Fernando Alonso to take part – full tuition is provided and a memorable experience is guaranteed whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro!

You’ll even get the chance to strap yourself into the driver’s seat of either an Adult’s NG1 or EVO2 kart, or a junior’s Cadet kart. So, you can expect an immersive driving experience from the moment you set off from the starting line, right up until the moment you reach the chequered flag.

True fans of karting certainly won’t feel out of place at our awesome Leeds venue. So, don’t delay any longer – it’s time to show us what you’re made of on the circuit! To find out more, visit the following link.

Italian Grand Prix Preview

August 30th, 2018

The F1 returned back after its summer break with a bang at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium last weekend – literally. After taking a much-needed breather from the last race in Belgium, the intensity only continues to build as we gear up for this weekend’s race in Italy!

The race at Spa last weekend saw Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel take the full 25 points, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen came across the line in second and third place, respectively. With Force India nearly causing a major upset, Vettel’s Ferrari proved too powerful for Hamilton as he failed to capitalise on his pole position. Some big names on the grid ended up having to retire from the race, as a major crash wiped out a quarter of the field. Renault’s Nico Hülkenberg braked too late on the opening corner and hit Fernando Alonso hard from behind which launched the McLaren up and over Charles Leclerc’s Sauber. Due to this, Alonso ended up hitting Daniel Ricciardo’s rear wing, who then skidded into Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen.

This was a big win for Vettel and Ferrari, as it closes the gap to just 17 points between him and the current Drivers’ Championship leader, Lewis Hamilton who leads with 231 points. It’s all to play for ahead of this Sunday’s main event at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, as we look into the history of the event and exactly what you can expect when you tune into the action. So, read on as Karting Nation gives our preview of the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

What Time Does The Italian Grand Prix Start?

With a time difference of +1 hour when compared to UK time, you can expect the racing action to commence at the reasonable hour of 14:10 this Sunday, 2nd September, so if you were looking forward to a Sunday morning lie in, you can certainly do just that. Prior to this, the first practice round kicks off at 09:55 on Friday 31st August, followed by qualifying at 13:55 on Saturday 1st September.*

History of the Italian Grand Prix

Every single Italian Formula One Grand Prix since 1950 has been held at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza – in the Italian city of Monza, north of Milan – except in 1980, when the race was held at Imola, San Marino instead. So you could say that Monza is certainly the home of Italian motor sport – something which the Italians take very, very seriously. With a capacity of nearly 114,000, the Monza track is certainly a fan favourite on the F1 calendar.


The modern Grand Prix circuit at Monza measures up to 5.793km (3.6 mi) in total, as the drivers complete 53 laps in total – which equals an overall race length of 306.720km (190.595 mi). With a total of 11 turns, this track certainly puts the drivers to the test in both skill and speed. Exemplifying this, the race lap record is currently held by Ferrari’s Rubens Barrichello of Brazil who clocked a rather impressive time of 1:21.046 back in 2004. This famous track really has seen it all, as it combines both speed and skill with an unrivalled heart and soul of its own. There’s a reason why the Italians call it ‘La Pista Magica’- the magic track!

In terms of repeat winners of the Italian Grand Prix, German legend Michael Schumacher has managed to claim top spot on the podium a total of five times in this particular event. Behind him with four wins in total for the Italian Grand Prix is Brazilian legend Nelson Piquet and Mercedes’ own Lewis Hamilton, which means that a win for the current British driver would put him right in the Italian history books.

Who Won The 2017 Italian Grand Prix?

Adding to his already impressive win tally at Monza, Lewis Hamilton was able to emerge victorious in the previous edition of the Italian Grand Prix – retaining his pole position to cross the line with a total time of 1:15:32.312. It proved to be a good day for Mercedes last year, as teammate Valtteri Bottas finished the race in second place just +4.471 seconds behind the Brit, having started the race in sixth position on the grid.


Last year, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel claimed the final space on the podium with a time of +36.317. The German driver is no stranger to the podium at Monza, having won this event a total of three times throughout his career in 2008, 2011 and 2013. One more win and he’ll be level pegging with his closest rival at the moment, Lewis Hamilton. But last year,the race saw Lewis Hamilton – and Mercedes – claim the bragging rights that time around, as Ferrari’s dropped points caused them to slip further away in the Constructors’ Championship standings.

Who Is Likely To Win The 2018 Italian Grand Prix?

As the back and forth between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel continues in fierce fashion, it will take something special from any other driver if they were to claim top spot on the podium this Sunday afternoon.

Having missed out on the full 25 points on offer in Belgium last week, Hamilton will be looking to bounce back and claim the victory in Monza. This wouldn’t come as a surprise however, as Hamilton has managed to do just that four times since 2012.


However, with Sebastian Vettel breathing down his neck in the Drivers’ Championship, he’ll be keen to close the gap even more – and this weekend’s race in Italy is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Fernando Alonso of McLaren is also no stranger to the podium at the Italian Grand Prix, having won the race twice back in 2007 and 2010. However, with the sheer presence of Mercedes and Ferrari lighting up this year’s calendar so far, it can be hard to see the Spaniard making it onto the podium this time around.

Final Thoughts

As always, Karting Nation can’t wait for this weekend’s action on the circuit to commence. When it comes to all things racing, we’re always up for it!

You’ll need to tune in for yourself to find out who is able to claim victory this weekend. Sunday 2nd September at 14:10 BST is when the main event commences. Although, you could also watch the qualifying at 13:55 on Saturday 1st September too – discovering who can earn themselves the all-important pole position! It’s sure to be an action-packed event. So, make sure you don’t miss out!

*All times are in UK time.