Five types of karter every racer will recognise

When it comes to tearing round the track and fighting for a place on the podium no two racers are exactly the same, but we guarantee you’ll recognise these 5 types of karter. So next time you take your place on the grid, have a look around, eye up the competition and see if you can spot the following racers..

The Professional

Ah the professional, you can spot them at every circuit and they stand out like a sore thumb. They’ll have the shiniest helmet, the smartest race suit, and an entourage that’s bigger than most F1 stars’. Annoyingly they’re usually quite good too, but that only makes beating them even sweeter.

The Track Legend

Unlike the professional, the track legend deserves your respect. They’ve lived a life dedicated to racing, and they know every inch of the circuit like the back of their grease covered hands. The chances are they’re well clear at the top of the lap times too, and any advice you can gleam from these karting Yodas is worth its weight in gold.

The Daredevil

If brains were dynamite the karting daredevil would be dangerous.. in fact scratch that, the karting daredevil is dangerous, like really dangerous. Fear isn’t a word that features in their dictionary and once the action’s underway they’ll do anything to win. Whilst their bravery is at times admirable, they’re just as likely to end the race in A&E as they are end it on the podium.

The Tortoise

Trust us, slow and steady definitely doesn’t win the race, but that doesn’t stop the tortoise taking things at their own unique pace. It’s almost as if they like being lapped, and for them a trip to the track is more like a Sunday drive than a fight to the finish line. Get used to the back of their kart, you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

The Surprise Package
Every race has one and they’re impossible to spot. For all you know Steve’s mum might drive like Senna. The more harmless they look, the more dangerous they are to your chances of winning. Trust nobody – especially not Steve’s mum!

Recognise anybody? Tag a mate and let them know what kind of karter they are..


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